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Enabling Institutions

Keeping You Well Organized

Flexible Fees Structure

Provide parents with various fee structures, customized reports and receipts in an easy-to-use format.

Flexible Fees Structure
Online Fees Collection

Online Fees Collection

Educational institutions like universities and colleges collect any type of online fees such as annual, examination and tuition fee.

Automated Reminders

Check the fee report and notify students/parents of pending fees via sms/email.

Automated Reminders

Dynamic Forms and Flow

User-friendly platform to create and share admission forms. It gives freedom of design, flexibility and control to users.

Dynamic Forms and Flow
Informed Student Experience

Informed Student Experience

Make the student experience more informed by providing real-time feedback on student progress.

Transparent Reporting

Create a simple and transparent reporting process to provide enrollment in a quick and easy way.

Transparent Reporting

Student Information/Records

All student information can be easily collated. It will definitely help to manage all student data at one place in an organized manner.

Student Information/Records
Activity Dashboard

Activity Dashboard

Provides real-time information about attendees, performance and financial transactions of the organizations.

Student Portal

The Student Portal gives quick, easy access for class schedules, enrollment status and course information.

Student Portal

Built-in Course Authoring

Easy-to-use and comprehensive course builder helps to create online courses.

Built-in Course Authoring
Synchronous/Asynchronous Learning

Synchronous/Asynchronous Learning

Flexible Learning Environment that allows faculties and students to build sophisticated and engaging online classes.

Gamification and Reporting

Gamification and reporting platform for educators. Improve the students' skill & performance in the class using gamification techniques.

Gamification and Reporting


Provides the tools to build, publish and contribute assessments in a variety of formats. Understand students' needs & feedback that helps students direct their own learning.

Gradebook Calculations

Gradebook and Gradebook Calculations

Allow teachers to get the most out of their grading policy, and prevents repetitive tasks.

Parent Portal

Help parents to monitor student’s daily activities & progress through the web and with mobile apps.

Parent Portal

What Makes OpenEduCat So Good...

OpenEduCat Helps Administration, Students, Teachers & Parents Connect
to Relevant Information on Education in one search.

School Administration


  • Increase In Student Enrollment Ratio

  • Better Fees And Payments Management

  • Improves Student-Teacher-Parents Collaboration

  • Increases Productivity

  • Complete Automation


Reduction in Administrative Workload


  • Reduced Workload

  • Transparent Communication

  • Access From Anywhere

  • Easy Access To Lecture Plans And Materials

  • Quick And Easy Assignment Management


Improvement in Student Performance
OpenEduCat Students
OpenEduCat Teachers


  • Easy E-learning

  • Access To Lecture Planning

  • Access To Learning Material And Assignments

  • Online Assessment Results And Progress

  • Digital Library For Continuous Learning


Increase in Faculty Satisfaction


  • Access To Child's Academic Progress And Attendance Data

  • Get Fee Records And Reminders

  • Active Participation In School Activities

  • Interactive Parent-Teacher Discussions

  • Updates On School Events, Holidays, And Processes


Increase in Parent Satisfaction
OpenEduCat Parents

Empowering the New Age Educational Institutions

OpenEduCat is Your All-in-One Solution for All Your Educational
Needs Available at a Single Platform.

Preschool Institutions
Preschool Institutions

Easy-to-use tool for administrators to manage their pre-school institutions processes efficiently and affordably, at a fraction of the time you used to need.

Vocational Schools
Vocational Schools

vocational school management software for both education and training. It allows you to create classroom-based courses, assign students to lessons and manage the weekly work schedule of your teachers.

K-12 Schools
K-12 Schools

An affordable solution for K-12 schools, providing you with the best technology. It offers a wide variety of products that are easy to use, affordable and all-round.

Faith Based School
Faith Based School

professional level school management solution for your faith-based school. It helps you efficiently manage all of your processes, affordably, at a fraction of the time.

Music Schools
Music Schools

OpenEduCat is an affordable online music school management software that allows you to retain complete control over your school.

High School Solution
High School Solution

OpenEduCat is a solution that brings students, operations and data together in one place. Our platform makes it easy for higher education organizations to integrate all of their systems into one place.

College Management Solutions
College Management Solutions

OpenEduCat Educational ERP software is designed in such a way that it will take care of the college administration as well.

University Management Solution
University Management Solution

A cloud-based university management system is an ERP solution that enables streamlining of all university operations and the automation of tasks.

Boot Camps and Summer Schools
Boot Camps and Summer Schools

Cost-effective and scalable solution for managing your school, whether it is a boot camp or summer school.

Our Facts

Why Educational Institutes Choose Us?

We help education institutes maximize revenues and enhance student experience through our comprehensive solution. The result is better admission rates, engagement with parents, and an overall increase in revenue.

Modular Design

A Modular system for easy extensibility of features that lets organization scale up as and when needed.

A unique & well optimized platform for all types of educational institutions that is well tried and tested for real use cases.

An easy to integrate platform that can be integrated with various third party system like payment gateways, data providers or hardwares.

Core Open Source System with easy to extend framework, for easy customization and modification to suit your needs.

Enjoy boundless entry through our simple one-time payment, offering unlimited access without ongoing fees or subscriptions.


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