World-Class Student Success Services for educational institutes

We help students, parents, educators and administrators. OpenEduCat is intuitive and effective student support software that helps thousands of schools across the world.


Powerful, Effective, and Affordable

Connect with your Students, answer their queries, and resolve their issues effortlessly with advanced helpdesk features.

Ensure 100% Satisfaction

Smart assignment process enables ticket resolution on a priority basis to ensure emergency issues are resolved quickly.

Deep Analysis and Intuitive Reporting

Get deep insights into the support team’s performance, customer satisfaction, and organizational bottlenecks.

Super-efficient System
Super-efficient System

OpenEduCat Helpdesk is designed to create a single point of connection between the Students and Faculty for speedy resolution of issues.

Centralized Multi-Channel Issue Resolution Platform

Connect with your students / faculties anywhere – live chat, emails, and even social media – to deliver a seamless support service.

Customize Workflows

Streamline the assignment, prioritization, and reviewing of tickets to ensure a faster resolution and higher degree of quality control.

Granular Level Control

Create and manage multiple support teams and tags to handle predetermined categories of tickets to achieve higher efficiencies in ticket resolution.

Grow Your Institutes By Unlocking Hidden Efficiencies

Access advanced analytical reports to analyze performances, discover bottlenecks and identify hidden inefficiencies to maximize resource utilization

Automate Non-Productive Tasks

Cut down on the manual effort by automating low-skill tasks like assigning, managing, tracking, and finally reviewing tickets by the faculty.

Easily Scalable

OpenEduCat Helpdesk feature is an open source for all sizes of educational institutes. support all students with one seamless platform

It’s Your Own

Customize the helpdesk to make it familiar to your existing support teams and drastically bring down the learning curve involved in adapting to a new helpdesk platform.

Easily Scalable
Track Students Satisfaction
Measure and Improve Students Satisfaction With OpenEduCat's Helpdesk

OpenEduCat Helpdesk provides you all the features and capabilities you need to measure and improve students’ satisfaction.

Create Knowledge Base

Identify the most commonly asked queries and create FAQs that offer relevant clarifications. Encourage self-service options.

Track Students Satisfaction

Configure deeply insightful surveys to obtain real-time feedback to measure the impact of back-end improvements to student support structures.

Provide Superior Satisfaction

Measure the response time, problem resolution time, and other metrics to identify and work on areas of improvement that have an impact on students satisfaction.