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Preschool Institutions

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Online, secure and easy-to-use school management software, OpenEduCat helps you gain control over your pre-school institution, today.

Admission Management
Manage Admissions

Effectively manage the admissions process for your preschool institute and ensure that the right students are enrolled and that the institution's resources are being used effectively.

Define Admission Criteria
Establish an Application Process
Review Applications
Notify Parents of Admission Decision
Manage Enrollment
Track Enrollment Data
Continuously Improve the Process
Communication Tools
Easy and Effective Communication

You can improve communication in your preschool institution and ensure that everyone involved is informed and able to work effectively together to support the students.

Establish a Communication Plan
Encourage Open Communication
Regularly Review and Update
Parent-Teacher Conferences
Student-Teacher Communication
Feedback Mechanisms
Fee Management
Handle Financials and Tuition Fees

You can effectively manage the financials and tuition fees for your preschool institution, and ensure that the institution is operating in a financially sustainable manner.

Determine Tuition Fees
Establish Payment Policies
Implement an Online Payment System
Track Payments
Monitor Expenses
Prepare Financial Reports
Keep Parents Informed
Student Assesments
Share Notes and Assessments

Effectively share notes and assessments with students and parents, helping to keep everyone informed and up-to-date on a student's progress.

Online Portals
Student Portfolios
Collaborative Learning
Parent-Teacher Conferences
Real-time Updates
Regular Feedback
Classroom Scheduling
Set Classes Based on Activities

Setting classes based on activities can be a useful strategy for providing students with a well-rounded and engaging educational experience.

Identify Student Interests
Plan the Activities
Organize Resources
Plan and Schedule Classes
Assign Responsibilities
Evaluate Results
Timetable and Attendance Management
Manage Timetables and Take Attendance

Managing schedules and taking attendance, you can ensure that classes run smoothly, that students and parents are informed about attendance and schedules.

Monitor Attendance
Centralized System
Easy-to-use Interface
Automated Notifications
Communicate with Students & Parents
Use Attendance Data
Secure Access

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Benefits of Using Preschool Institution Solution

Preschool Institution Management Solution
  • Efficient Enrollment and Registration

  • Customizable Curriculum Planning

  • Lesson Planning and Resource Management

  • Progressive Assessment Tools

  • Parent-Teacher Collaboration

  • Learning Through Play

  • Special Needs Support

  • Highly Customized

Frequently Asked Question

How can OpenEduCat's Pre-School Institution Solution benefit pre-schools and early childhood education centers?

The solution streamlines administrative processes, enhances communication between teachers, parents, and students, automates attendance tracking, and provides tools for curriculum planning and assessment.

Yes, the solution offers online enrollment and admissions features, making it convenient for parents and guardians to apply for admission to pre-schools and submit necessary documentation.

OpenEduCat's Pre-School Institution Solution includes communication tools such as messaging, announcements, and parent portals, enabling effective interaction and updates between educators, students, and parents.

Yes, the platform includes financial management features that help pre-schools manage tuition fees, invoicing, payment processing, and financial reporting. It offers transparency in financial transactions.

Yes, pre-schools can customize the solution to match their specific workflows, branding, and requirements. This ensures that the platform aligns with the unique educational approach of each institution.

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Customer Testimonial

One of the features that is frequently praised is the online fee collection capability, which enables educational institutions to easily collect any type of fees online, including annual, examination, and tuition fees.

Jorge D.
Jorge D.


It is a modular solution with various functional modules. This makes it ideal for a minimum budget. You have the option to choose modules to implement and add more as you grow.

Munyaradzi Sydney C.
Munyaradzi Sydney C.

System Developer

The UI is very helpful. The faculty members of the university find that very easy to learn. We were using the OpenEduCat for our faculty management and across the university.

Abdullah H.
Abdullah H.

Software Developer

Alexandria British Columbia Canadian International School
EADE Eestudios University
EBZ Business School
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Qatar Aeronautical Academy
Research Institute For Solar Energy And New Energies
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