With more advancement in technology in the near future, ignoring technology and not training the workforce is not a great idea.

The current generation workforce is more comfortable with the existing workflow and may not be interested in moving to the latest technology and that stop the improvement of both workforce and productivity at workplace.

Adopting new software is much more worse than previously thought, and there were comes the role of the world class trainers that understands what makes the workforce tick and motivate them to learn new technology at a rapid pace.

Our Trainers are world-class workers, who not only understands the dynamics of the workforce but are also able to integrate new tools and techniques into the workflow of the employee.


Functional Training

Functional Training is the type of training where the target audience are employees with no technical background at all. Without no knowledge or past experience, it becomes hard to train the workforce and that's where our specialized trainers and contents come into play.

With the training, everyday hurdles are cleared, keeping the productivity in check. All the major modules such as the library, accounting, stock, purchase, etc. are introduced to the workforce for complete understanding.

End User Training

The key part of any platform is their end users. Enabling them to utilize the platform adds both value and age to the platform. The end users can have technical knowledge, but that's not necessary. In case of OpenEducat -- students, faculties and parents are the main end users. But, there can be other stakeholders interested in learning about the platform.

Technical Training

Technical Training is aimed at high-level audiences such as developers or engineers. The main prospect of this training is to teach them enough skills so that they can tinker with the different parts of the OpenEduCat and develop custom features that matter. In this training, different modules ideas are layed out, with a focus on how to create new features from the development point of view.