ERP Features

OpenEduCat is ERP at the core, with enterprise level proven features Accounting, Sales, Purchase, Stock, CRM, Recruitment, Expense Management, Appraisals, Integrated Email Marketing are available out-of-box to help educational institutes to put in best practices in place for better growth.


Manage financial activities like invoicing, receipt, payments, over dues and balances all using one single integrated system.

  • Manage Bills & Expenses

  • Easy Reconciliation

  • Detailed Compliance Reports

  • Balancesheets, Profit & Loss & General Ledger

  • Complete Invoicing

  • Bank Synchronization

  • Beautiful dynamic statements

Account management system

Assets Request

The Main Purpose of Implementing an Asset Management in Education Facilities is to:

  • Track Asset Request by Students and Faculties

  • Track the Usability of School Equipment

  • Track Inward/Outward Key Assets Such as Laptops.

  • Calendar to Highlight Available Assets.

sales invoice


Streamline sales process, including quote to invoicing activities to bring more productivity to the organization.

  • Clear Quoting Process

  • Easy Product Pricing

  • From Quote to Contract

Payroll management system


Easily manage payroll for all type of employees of an organization with batch payslip creation integrated with daily attendance.

  • Structured Contracts

  • Allowances and Deductions

  • Payslip Batches

  • Complete Employee Management

  • Employee Self Service Portal

  • Contribution Register

  • Detailed Reporting

Purchase invoice


Create Indents and manage all organization wide purchases from a centralized procurement management system with ease.

  • Purchase Authorization

  • Purchase Tenders

  • Automated Purchase Workflow

  • In Depth Purchase Statistics

  • Purchase Indent and Requisition

Stock management system


Keep track of all stockable items and articles with the barcode enabled inventory management.

  • Multi Location Support

  • Barcode Enabled

  • Double Entry Stock Management

  • Assets and Depreciation

  • Full Stock Traceability

  • Clear and Complete Reporting



Automate lead and opportunity tracking with state of the art CRM system built-in giving a unparallel competitive advantage.

  • True Customer Centric CRM

  • Easy Lead Management

  • Call and Meeting Logging

  • Activity Planner

  • Real Time Overview

  • Integrated Communications



Collect fees online, Sell products and artifacts using integrated e-commerce platform without need of any other tools.

  • Create Modern Online Store

  • 200+ themes

  • 50+ Payment Gateways

  • Design In Minutes

  • Fully Flexible

Recruitment process


Recruit organizational staff with built-in recruitment portal providing all the insights of workforce needs.

  • Efficient hiring process

  • Track job offers

  • Customize recruitment process

  • Integrated Surveys

  • Simplify application management

Expense management


Day to day expense tracking and approvals is now just an easy to do thing using expense management system.

  • Better Reimbursement

  • Easy Expense Reporting

  • Department wise Expense Reporting

  • Complete Link Tracking

  • Quick and Easy Expense Management

Appraisals management


Manage employee evaluations and create appraisal with 360-degree feedback using periodical process.

  • Easy Followup

  • Collect insightful informations

  • Automated evaluation process

  • Periodical employee evaluation

email integration

E-mail Integration

Integration with email enables to increase customizability and relation with colleagues.

  • Send Email From Any Record

  • Automatic Updates

  • SMTP / POP / IMAP Support

email marketing

E-mail Marketing

Send mass emails to students, parents or future prospective students and keep them informed about your new offerings.

  • Build awesome campaigns

  • Segment your audience

  • Click Tracking

  • Open Rate Tracking

  • Complete Link Tracking