The first step in gaining an advantage in the current competitive market is to implement automate most of the process. But, without proper consultation, even the best of the systems and situations can do harm than good.

To overcome this, OpenEduCat offers consulting at the granular level, understanding how the school/college can benefit from the solution and customizing every single bit of the platform, according to the requirements.

Current Consulting market is full of frauds and there is no consulting software that can solve your problems. Human experience cannot be replaced by the machines and that's why the experience of OpenEduCat Consulting team counts.


Become One of Us

To really understand the market; data analysis is required. What other schools are wanting? Which technology is going to stand the time of change? and other important questions. All of these are taking a big deal of time at OpenEduCat as we constantly monitor small changes within the market. With every information in our hands, it becomes easy to understand the requirement of the school and consult them on that basis.

Get Expert Solution That Works

More and more schools are moving towards automating their whole process. There are a lot of benefits that are associated with automation, but without any proper knowledge, it becomes tough for the school administration to take proper actions.

To make sure that nothing goes wrong, our team helps school administration to understand the benefits of automation through OpenEduCat platform and create an environment where they completely understand how their work environment will be changed in the future.

Communication is the key to successful Consulting

Most of the projects fail to deliver or fail because of lack of communication between different project members and, of course, the project owner. To make sure that everything works out of the box, our team leader keep track of all the conversations and update it if any dispute occurs. To keep track, every conversation is written down for future access. Everything is documented for better understanding and less ambiguity.

Understanding the process of OpenEduCat Consulting

With proper business analysis(in this case school way of earning money), OpenEduCat can kick off the consulting process. To make sure that everyone is benefited, we note down every single stakeholder that is associated with directly or indirectly with the educational institute and understand how our decision can benefit them in a long run.

Not all projects are equal and that's why we always use the best implementation approach for each project. It can be rapid development or waterfall model, and choosing the right implementation brings more productivity and a higher chance of success.

To ensure that each process has standard quality, our team take a keen interest in quality management. Without quality, there is no point in a further implementation and that's why we always deliver the highest quality work to our clients.

We all have different perspectives and that's why our expert team come up with few process recommendation that can further improve the overall process of the educational institute.

Problems are part of any project, and things can get quite complex in no time. To make sure that we deliver high-quality work and under time, we always try our best to find solutions that meet both the resources and other constraints in the project. With correct use of tools, mixed with expertise, we aim all our energies to solving problems. Our team is full of natural problem solvers, who see the world differently.