Faith-Based Schools

New Era of Education

Easy-to-use all round solution allowing you to be productive and retain control over your school, at a fraction of the cost and time.

Admissions, Enrollment and Student Profiles

An effective system for admissions, enrollment, and student profiles can help to ensure that students are a good fit for the school and that the school is able to provide the support and resources needed for their success.

Establish Clear Admissions Criteria
Create a Standardized Application Process
Review Applications Thoroughly
Create a Comprehensive Student Profile
Communicate Clearly
Provide Support
Online Payments and Sponsorship Management

Managing the finances of a faith-based school, and can help to ensure that the school has the resources it needs to operate and provide a quality education to its students.

Implement an Online Payment System
Provide Receipts and Invoices
Monitor and Track Financials
Allow for Automated Billing
Use of Payment Gateways
Online Assessments and Supervision

An effective system for online assessments and supervision can help to ensure that students are making progress and achieving their goals, while incorporating the school's spiritual and moral values.

Implement Online Assessments
Provide Automated Feedback
Create a Student Progress Report
Allow for Self-Evaluation
Easy Attendance Management and Automated Notifications

Having an easy attendance management system and automated notifications can help to ensure that students are attending classes and participating in the program.

Use Digital Attendance Tracking
Automate Notifications
Send Reminders
Allow for Self-Check-In
Track Attendance History
Allow for Exceptions