Face Recognition

The biometric face recognition system digitizes the management of students, reducing the chances of manual errors or proxy attendances. His/her attendance will be automatically marked through the biometric integration. It is a time-saving tool that automates the whole attendance system, making it easier for teachers to focus on other aspects of education like assignment generation and teaching.

OpenEduCat Mobile/Tablet Based Attendance

Mobile/Tablet Based Attendance Using Face Recognition

You will not need any complicated hardware to run a face recognition software. In order to use Face Attendance, all you will need is a device running on the Android or iOS platforms.

Automated attendance and reports

Our Face Recognition system automatically tracks employee attendance and other key metrics. Also generate the Attendance reports.

OpenEduCat Detailed Material
OpenEduCat Centralized Controls

Centralized Controls

With Centralized Controls, you can view all of your data from one place.

Accurate Face Recognition

Now you can recognize faces regardless of the expression or masks simply by scanning the face.

OpenEduCat  Accurate Face Recognition
Kiosk mode (Touchless)

Kiosk mode (Touchless)

Kiosks are interactive digital devices that enable customers to accomplish tasks at their own pace.