Music Schools

Open Source ERP Solution For Educational Institutions

OpenEduCat is an affordable online music school management software that allows you to retain complete control over your school. We’ve included all the best treats of online technology to make it simple and easy for you, in minutes.

Admissions, Enrollment & Customizable Student Profiles

Implementing these best practices, schools can improve the accuracy, efficiency, and reliability of their admissions, enrollment, and student profiling processes, and provide a better experience for students.

Streamlined Admissions Process
Customizable Student Profiles
Enrollment Management
Automated Communication
Data Management
User-friendly Platform
Easy & Fast Attendance Management, With Automated Notifications

Music schools can ensure accurate and efficient attendance management, and can improve student engagement and success by promoting regular attendance.

Attendance Tracking
Integration with Student Profiles
User-friendly Platform
Automated Notifications
Data Analysis and Reporting
Secure Data Management
Set Your Choirs Based On Activities

Setting choirs based on activities can help to optimize the use of time and resources, and ensure that each choir is properly structured and equipped to meet its specific needs.

Create Choir Schedules
Assign Students to Choirs
Identify Choir Goals and Objectives
Assess Skill Level and Availability
Monitor and Evaluate Performance
Develop a Schedule
Online Tuition Fee Payments & Financial Management

Utilizing online tuition fee payments and financial management, music schools can streamline their financial operations, increase efficiency, and improve overall financial performance.

Set up a Payment Platform
Define Tuition Fees
Automate Invoicing and Billing
Manage Financial Records
Increased Efficiency
Improved Cash Flow