Get your faculty and students to use the same platform for managing school documents and check compliance on an easy-to-use website.

Increase Efficiency

OpenEduCat provides instant access to documents from your browser in an intuitive and powerful way.

Save Time

streamlines document processes and automates workflows. Saving time, money and stress.

Enhance Security

It's time to keep all company documents at one place with no more hassle.

Digital Document Storage

With this document storage solution, the academic and corporate user can efficiently store all the documents of their organization, move towards paperless operation.

Document Management Workflows

Configure the system to suit your organizational policies for document control, user permissions and document requirements.

Document Audit Trails

Provides a complete audit trail for greater transparency into access to any and all documents.

Collaborative Environment

Collaborate with colleagues, share or edit files in real time, import and manage documents directly.

Integrated with All Apps

Create, move and share your files securely with OpenEduCat.