K-12 Schools

All-in-one Platform For K-12 Schools

OpenEduCat is an affordable solution for K-12 schools, providing you with the best technology. It offers a wide variety of products that are easy to use, affordable and all-round.

Online Admissions, Enrollment & Student Profiles

Implementing online admissions, enrollment, and student profiles, K-12 schools can reduce administrative workload, improve data management, and enhance communication with families and students.

Simplify the enrollment process
Improve data management
Enhance communication
Increase efficiency
Easy Attendance & Gradebook Management and Automated Notifications

Incorporating these features, K-12 schools can improve their data management processes, enhance communication and collaboration, and provide more accurate and up-to-date information.

Increased Efficiency
Streamline Record-Keeping
Improved Communication
Better Transparency
Time Savings
Online Assessments & Supervision

Utilizing online assessments and supervision, K-12 schools can increase accessibility, improve assessment quality, and enhance data management, helping to support student learning and success.

Convenient and Efficient
Increased Accessibility
Improved Assessment Quality
Enhanced Data Management
Data-Driven Decision Making
Online Invoicing, Payments & Sponsorship Management

If you're a teacher, school owner or manager, OpenEduCat is the invoice and payment management solution designed specifically for organizations in the education industry.

Increased Efficiency
Improved Cash Flow
Better Record-Keeping
Enhanced Transparency
Convenient Access