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K-12 Schools

All-In-One Platform For K-12 Schools

OpenEduCat is an affordable solution for K-12 schools, providing you with the best technology. It offers a wide variety of products that are easy to use, affordable and all-round.

Online Admissions
Online Admissions, Enrollment & Student Profiles

Implementing online admissions, enrollment, and student profiles, K-12 schools can reduce administrative workload, improve data management, and enhance communication with families and students.

Simplify the enrollment process
Improve data management
Enhance communication
Increase efficiency
Attendance & Gradebook Management
Easy Attendance & Gradebook Management and Automated Notifications

Incorporating these features, K-12 schools can improve their data management processes, enhance communication and collaboration, and provide more accurate and up-to-date information.

Increased Efficiency
Streamline Record-Keeping
Improved Communication
Better Transparency
Time Savings
Online Assessments
Online Assessments & Supervision

Utilizing online assessments and supervision, K-12 schools can increase accessibility, improve assessment quality, and enhance data management, helping to support student learning and success.

Convenient and Efficient
Increased Accessibility
Improved Assessment Quality
Enhanced Data Management
Data-Driven Decision Making
Online Fee Payments
Online Invoicing, Payments & Sponsorship Management

If you're a teacher, school owner or manager, OpenEduCat is the invoice and payment management solution designed specifically for organizations in the education industry.

Increased Efficiency
Improved Cash Flow
Better Record-Keeping
Enhanced Transparency
Convenient Access

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Benefits of Using OpenEduCat’s K-12 School Management Solution

K-12 school management solution
  • Streamlined Administrative Processes

  • Enhanced Student Experience

  • Helpful Study Reminders

  • Digital Report Cards

  • Access To Learning Resources

  • Communication Tools

  • School Performance Monitoring

  • Easy Customization and Scalability

Frequently Asked Question

What is OpenEduCat's K-12 School Management Solution?

OpenEduCat's K-12 School Management Solution is a comprehensive software system designed to meet the specific needs of K-12 schools, including primary and secondary educational institutions. It offers features for administrative management, academic planning, student information, and communication.

OpenEduCat's K-12 School Management Solution includes communication tools such as messaging, announcements, and parent portals, enabling seamless interaction and updates between educators, students, and parents.

Yes, the platform includes features for student enrollment, attendance tracking, report card generation, and academic history management. It ensures that student records are accurate and up to date.

Yes, the solution is scalable and can accommodate the needs of K-12 schools of varying sizes, from small private schools to large school districts.

OpenEduCat's K-12 School Management Solution includes security features such as user authentication, access control, and data encryption to protect sensitive student and institutional data. It helps schools maintain compliance with data privacy regulations.

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Customer Testimonial

One of the features that is frequently praised is the online fee collection capability, which enables educational institutions to easily collect any type of fees online, including annual, examination, and tuition fees.

Jorge D.
Jorge D.


It is a modular solution with various functional modules. This makes it ideal for a minimum budget. You have the option to choose modules to implement and add more as you grow.

Munyaradzi Sydney C.
Munyaradzi Sydney C.

System Developer

The UI is very helpful. The faculty members of the university find that very easy to learn. We were using the OpenEduCat for our faculty management and across the university.

Abdullah H.
Abdullah H.

Software Developer

Alexandria British Columbia Canadian International School
EADE Eestudios University
EBZ Business School
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Qatar Aeronautical Academy
Research Institute For Solar Energy And New Energies
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