Digital Library

Digital libraries are the new phase of this new digital era. Open EduCat is well equipped with a digital library. This is not only a digital library but also loaded with some best features. The users may experience a fine reading and learning knowledgeable experience. With the help of a digital library, users can access it to manage the library, online digital content, websites, ebooks, video resources, catalog, inventory, teacher resources, etc. In this library resources are kept in a database with various formats like texts, images, videos, audios, etc.

Multiple Access With Published Books

With the help of the digital library, its various resources can be accessed by multiple users simultaneously. Not only individuals but also several institutions can access the same resources at the same time. Various published books of different authors can also be accessed by its users in their own space.

OpenEduCat Multiple Access Books
OpenEduCat Flipbook

Experienced as Real-Time Flipbook

With the help of the digital library, its users have experienced a real experience of reading as in the traditional library. Turning pages or flipping the pages is one of the real-time experiences for its readers. Also, it can be tracked how much time one user spends on each page all this data can also be stored or tracked.

Detailed Material Pages

This Material Detail Page has all the details of Material like publisher, author, category, edition and reviews. Users can also give reviews on particular material under the review page.

OpenEduCat Detailed Material