Social Media Marketing Tool

Craft The Perfect Post For Each Social Network, All In One Place

Publishing content on all your channels shouldn’t be a time-drain. Plan and publish on every channel in one simple-to-use dashboard.

Draft Posts
Draft Posts

Create drafts, get feedback, and refine content as a team


Review posts for quality and brand before hitting publish

Stay in Sync
Stay In Sync

Everyone's posts will be shared within your preset schedule

Account management
Account Management

Easily share and manage access to each social account

Benefits of Using OpenEduCat's Social Media Marketing Tools for Educators

With OpenEduCat's embedded social media tools, you have the flexibility to personalize both the design and content of your feed. Our social media marketing software empowers you to manage your social media feed effortlessly through a centralized dashboard.

Social Media Marketing Tools for Educators
Digital Content Curation
Effortless Digital Content Curation

Simplifies content curation by seamlessly integrating posts, hashtags, images, and photos from multiple social media networks into your website.

Social Media Feeds
Tailor Your Embedded Social Media Feeds

Pre-designed social feed styles. Customize fonts, colors, presentation, and add CSS for seamless branding integration in your embedded social feed.

Social Media Moderation
Total Control Over Social Media Moderation and Filtering

OpenEduCat offers comprehensive moderation for full control over displayed social media posts in your feed.

Budget Friendly Embedded
Budget-Friendly Embedded Social Media Solutions

OpenEduCat provides a range of plans to cater to diverse social media marketing requirements.

Time Efficiency
Time Efficiency

Simplifies this process by automating content aggregation and posting, saving educators time that can be better spent on teaching and other educational activities.

Content Aggregation
Content Aggregation

Allows educators to aggregate content from various social media platforms into one unified feed.

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