Live Classroom

OpenEduCat’s Classroom comes with a dynamic set of teaching and learning tools to simulate
a physical classroom learning environment.


Present makes taking attendance fast, accurate and easy. Get a clear view of your entire class roster. Quickly find who's in, who's out and who's absent.

  • Best in industry class attendance tool
  • Fast-paced attendance taking via class roster
  • The automatic rooster takes account of all the present students
OpenEduCat Attendance
OpenEduCat Proctored Assignments

Proctored Assignments

Faculties can use the live session to create, edit, and assign (or re-assign) both team and individual assignments.

  • Full view of monitor available with students shown side by side
  • Hand out live assessments, quizzes, and tests
  • Each graded result easily available in the online grade book

Participation Tracking

Participate in class discussion by sharing points of view, asking questions, and contributing to group projects.

  • Effective participation tracking functionality
  • Participants are automatically listed in order of class participation level
  • Student talking time recorded with ease
OpenEduCat Participation Tracking
OpenEduCat Virtual Desk View

Virtual Desk View

The OpenEduCat Classroom shows you students attending a classroom session.

  • Simulates real-time classroom view for a teacher
  • View students in an OpenEduCat classroom with a graphical seating chart

Class Dashboard

Track all student attendance, education, interactions, and more. Analytics help you see students' progress toward their goals

  • View all-time class dashboard with ease
  • Keeps track of attendance, interaction, participation, and more in a classroom
OpenEduCat Class Dashboard