What We Do

Industries are at capacity and there is not much to change. Well, we do not believe in this type of thinking. According to us, innovation has no limits and each industry or market has something to change or innovate. To believe in this dream, our first step is to embrace open source and create solutions for the industry at no additional cost.

Innovation at grander level is what we seek and do. Our platforms are innovative in their respective field, solving problems at a large scale. Other than that, we are world leaders in odoo/flectra services.

To initiate the change, we build applications that are customized to new changes in the market. Our business model is targeted at small to medium scale businesses. Our applications are also scalable so business can easily grow at an exponential rate.

Design, Deliver and Build Solutions

We understand needs for educational institutes and offer customization that works. Creating solutions for educational needs is what we excel at. We have studied tons of different educational institutes for creating what we do best.

Processes that work

There are many market service providers that build process which are half baked and non-customizable. OpenEduCat understands the power of creating processes that work out of the box and are customizable to the core.

Engage Users with excellent user experience

The users are the key to a successful working of an educational institutes, and to make everything work in favor of them, we build applications with excellent user experience. Our applications works great for the diversified audience. We also offer training for specialized groups.

Customize On the Go

Not every educational institutes are the same and that's where our customization team plays the important role. Our platforms work with ERP, CRM, social platforms, 3rd party applications and more. The set of APIs also bring the customization power in the hands of the educational institutes.

High Scalability

To ensure proper growth, our applications are highly scalable and can be used on multiple cloud platforms for scaling.