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Types of Quiz Questions To Use In Your eLearning Course

Quiz questions are an effective way to assess and reinforce learning in an eLearning course. They can vary in format and complexity to suit the specific learning objectives and content of your course.

Quiz questions for eLearning Course
Fill in the Blank

In a Fill in the Blank question, students are presented with a phrase, sentence, or paragraph that includes a blank space. Their task is to supply the missing word or words to complete the given text.


OpenEduCat Quiz offers the flexibility of including optional questions in the examination question paper, granting examinees the freedom to choose among these options to fulfil the specified number of questions to be answered.


Descriptive questions necessitate answers that provide definitional details regarding the search term, or outline noteworthy occurrences related to it.

Drag into Text

Text-based drag and drop questions necessitate students to effortlessly manipulate text options from an answer bank, subsequently placing them within the question text.

Classroom Quiz Activities
Quizzes in eLearning
Match Following

To complete the task, the candidates are required to form pairs by matching the words or sentences found in the two columns provided for "Match the Following" exercise.


The 'numerical' question type enables you to pose questions that demand a precise numerical answer. This question is flexible as it allows for a range of acceptable responses and can handle different units using a conversion multiplier.

Sort the Paragraphs

To sort data in a specific defined sequence, identify the criteria and attribute, then use sorting functions in software or programming languages to rearrange the data accordingly. Verify the sorted data to ensure alignment with the desired sequence.

Match the Images

These are considered higher-order inquiries designed to prompt learners to make comparisons between two images, such as objects, individuals, concepts, narratives, or theories. Proficiency in comprehending the subject matter and the capacity to identify and articulate similarities and differences are necessary for responding to these questions.

Questions in OpenEduCat Quiz Solution

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Quiz Anti-Cheating Solution

Ensure the Integrity of Online Assessments with Quiz Anti-Cheating Mode

As online learning and remote examinations become increasingly prevalent, there is a heightened risk of compromising authentication. To ensure the integrity and credibility of online exams, the Quiz Anti Cheating mode acts as a stringent invigilator, effectively detecting instances where students may not be fully engaged or serious during the examination.