Multi Approval

OpenEduCat Multi Approval to handle all Educational Institutes' requests in one place gives you the option to create different approval types based on a defined model.

Select any of the two approval categories

Approval type for new model. Each model needs different fields, you can choose those ones fit your company requirement.

Approval type for existing business model. Sale Order, Purchase Order, Stock Transfer, MRP Order, HR Recruitment, Invoice and Payment.. are defined in other modules.

Multi Approval
OpenEduCat Approval: All in one

OpenEduCat Multi Approval comes with a simple approval flow

Employee - Request- Manager- Approved

All approval requests go through this flow. Just choose the appropriate approver whether it is a manager or a line manager.

Multi Approval comes with 3 set modules:

OpenEduCat Approval

OpenEduCat Approval: HR Extensions

OpenEduCat Approval: All in one