Vocational Schools

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OpenEduCat is a vocational school management software for both education and training. It allows you to create classroom-based courses, assign students to lessons and manage the weekly work schedule of your teachers.

Preparation for Certifications

Preparation for certifications is an important aspect of vocational schools, as it can help students demonstrate their skills and knowledge in a specific field and increase their chances of getting hired.

Identify Relevant Certifications
Develop a Comprehensive Curriculum
Use Practice Exams and Assessments
Encourage Student Involvement
Evaluate Progress
Offer Certification Exam Prep Courses
Admissions and Enrollment Management, With Student Profiles

By using a system for admissions and enrollment management that includes student profiles, vocational schools can streamline their admission processes and provide students with a better experience.

Develop an Online Application Process
Use a Student Portal
Streamline the Admissions Process
Offer Personalized Support
Implement Online Payment & Enrollment Systems
Use Data to Inform Decision-Making
Standardized, Customizable Profiling With Easy Performance Tracking & Grading

Vocational schools can ensure that they have an effective and efficient performance tracking and grading system, which will help them to support student success, assess their progress, and make informed decisions about their education and future careers.

Develop a Performance Tracking System
Use a Grading System
Create Customized Student Profiles
Regular Assessments
Provide Access to Educational Resources
Automate Performance Tracking
Online Tuition Fee Payments & Financial Management

It helps schools to reduce administrative costs, streamline financial processes, and ensure that their financial resources are used effectively to support their students' success.

Automated Fee Collection
Financial Reporting and Tracking
Payment Reminders
Integrate with Existing Systems
Secure Online Transactions
Budgeting and Forecasting