OEM Partnership Program

Become an OEM partner with OpenEduCat - rebrand and resell the management software with your own conditions and prices.

OpenEduCat OEM Partnership Program

The education market is expanding exponentially! When you partner with OpenEduCat’s unique OEM, you get a competitive edge in the market. OpenEduCat’s feature-rich modules, user-friendly interfaces, and impeccable coding create a highly efficient and cost-effective school management software that can be embedded in your final product offerings. OpenEduCat’s unique OEM partnership plan is designed to achieve a seamless software integration in no time!

OEM Partnership Program
Increase Your Customer

Increase your customer base by embedding OpenEduCat in your solutions package:

Education is now online, and schools, colleges, and educational institutions understand the urgent need to buy efficient management software. OpenEduCat’s easy-to-integrate solutions package improves efficiency and time management while reducing costs for an educational institution.

Combine our foolproof coding with your marketing/sales experience to create a robust package:

Our OEMs partners from all over the world are happy with our unique and innovative school management solutions. Our partnership model helps you navigate through the global market - we take care of backend, and you take care of frontend marketing and sales. We keep updating our software to take care of glitches and remain state-of-the-art at all times!

Foolproof Coding


Create and configure custom solutions with our partner dashboard

No technical knowledge is required to use the software. The user-friendly interface allows you to configure solutions from the partner dashboard.

Full control of your terms and conditions and pricing

We give you complete control of terms and prices. We can stay confidential in our role. We are happy to fulfill backend support and coding needs.

A reliable solution for optimized and simplified workflows

Multi-featured architecture and easy customization allow the end-user to work with the state-of-the-art software with ease.

Automatic updates

Automatic updates for the software ensure that it works seamlessly at all times.

Your business growth guarantors

OpenEduCat’s school management software has brought unbeatable ROIs for OEM partners globally.

The software comes with a commercial open-source license

OpenEduCat’s open-source license ensures maximum and foolproof protection for the initial launching phase.