Affordable Tools + Paperless Processes

Enhanced Speed of Application Procedures

OpenEduCat simplifies the handling of new student applications and existing student records by enabling easy e-signature and submission of information by students and parents to your team.

Simplified Digital Archiving

The education industry's paperwork burden is addressed by OpenEduCat, enabling quick and convenient tracking through searchable student data archival.

Improved Templates and Forms

Digital platforms enable efficient management and organization of student loan and financial aid applications, registration packages, and other forms, benefiting administrators.

Discover How OpenEduCat E-sign Can Revolutionize Your Document Processing

Document Process with E-sign
Sign Documents

You can digitally sign documents yourself, obtain in-person signatures, or send documents to collect signatures from anyone.

Configure Workflows

When sending a document to multiple recipients, you can define the signing order and have control over how they receive and sign your documents.

Track Status

Keep track of every step in the document signing process with instant alerts and notifications, providing updates on the status of each document.

Bulk Send

Effortlessly send documents to multiple signers with just one click, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual paperwork.

Reusable Templates

Save time and effort by creating personalized templates once and utilizing them indefinitely.

E-sign Templates & Request

eSign Solutions For Education Institutions Schools, College & University


E-sign solutions can be used to sign admission forms and other related documents. This can make the process faster and more efficient, and it can also make it easier for students who are applying from different locations.

Financial Aid and Scholarships
Financial Aid and Scholarships

Documents related to financial aid and scholarships often require signatures from students, parents, and school officials. Using an E-sign solution can streamline this process and make it easier for all parties involved.

Transcripts and Diplomas
Transcripts and Diplomas

Schools can use E-sign solutions to sign and send transcripts and diplomas electronically. This can speed up the process and reduce the need for physical mail.

Faculty Contracts
Faculty Contracts

E-sign solutions can be used to sign faculty contracts, making the hiring process more efficient.

Parent-Teacher Communication
Parent-Teacher Communication

Schools often need to send documents to parents that require their signature, such as permission slips for field trips. An E-sign solution can make this process easier and more efficient.

Internal Administration
Internal Administration

E-sign solutions can also be used for internal administrative purposes, such as signing off on budget proposals or other internal documents.

Use Cases

Schools and universities leverage electronic signatures for various scenarios

  • Student loan documents

  • HR documents

  • Progress reports

  • Financial aid paperwork

  • Course assignment

  • Timesheets

  • Contracts

  • Permission slips

  • Offer letters

  • Leave applications