Automated Marketing

The Ultimate Marketing Automation Platform

Make your marketing campaigns smarter and more efficient with OpenEduCat. Integrate email marketing with CRM, leverage analytics to drive your product sales, and develop an effective customer lifecycle with personalized communications across channels.

Automated Marketing

OpenEduCat Marketing Automation Tool: A Comprehensive Smart Email Marketing Tool

Streamline your lead nurturing and conversion processes with our suite of tools. From email marketing to social media and mobile apps, we have a solution that fits your needs so you can stay focused on what’s really important - closing deals.

Create meaningful customer experiences.

Exercise superior control over your customers’ journey & experience through the sales funnel.

Increase Strong Customer Movement and Sales Conversion

Set triggers, conditions, and actions of engagement to offer your prospects a personalized brand experience leading up to sales

Analyze, Improve, and Replicate the Success of Email Campaigns

Analyze the email campaigns at their various stages, identify the best-performing strategies, and improve the campaigns

Optimize and enrich your customer’s journey.

Use marketing automation software to create personalized customer journeys for each of your target segments. Deeply automate every aspect of the sales funnel and watch as customers get automatically channeled from lead to sale.

Engage With Multiple Segments Meaning

Control Your Marketing Campaign To Ensure You Engage Each Segment In The Right Way.

Build Customer Connections

Schedule automated emails to send your customers personalized content based on their signup date, including birthday and anniversary wishes, top blog post alerts, event reminders, and more.

Extreme Customization

Create logical “next steps” for your prospects and leads. Create hyper-targeted follow-ups that reflect your target’s demographics, interests and behavior to maximize conversions


The Marketing Automation Tool is a powerful marketing automation platform that integrates with the OpenEduCat platform to deliver a seamless and smooth in-app experience.

Multiple Segments
Responsive Emails

Beautiful, Engaging, Professional Emails

Create beautiful marketing emails with powerful templates and rich content. Enhance your email campaigns with built-in templates, customizations and a variety of third party APIs.

Excite and Inspire

We help you create the emails that customers are looking for, by customizing standard templates and building tools to help you save time while delivering exceptional results.

Responsive Emails

Our cutting-edge email tools allow you to build sophisticated emails that work brilliantly across different platforms and devices. Our email templates provide a quick and easy way to get your message across: from landing pages with clickable CTAs, to fully-branded email newsletters with beautiful imagery, videos and infographics.

Personalize With Visual Builder

Leverage the visual builder to incorporate elements that deliver the best results for each of the target segments.

Targeted Coupons

Generate and send personalized coupons to your customers for products that they are interested in. Increase hyper-targeted conversions.

Control Your Customers’ Purchase Journey

Everything you need to create a coherent and compelling customer decision journey that rewards your email responders with useful information and guides them into the next stage of the sales funnel.

Messages For Every Engagement

Create automated follow-up emails that are triggered based on your audience’s engagement with the email campaigns.

The All-in-One Campaign Platform

Integrate multi-channel customer outreach campaigns like digital ads, feedback forms, landing pages, and more to deliver a unified and coherent brand experience across multiple channels

Advanced Page Builder

Drag-and-drop enabled page builder allows you to build sophisticated landing pages, feedback forms, sign up forms, and more to create.

Grow Your Business

Increase customer conversion with automated and timely follow-up emails to remind customers of their abandoned carts, upcoming subscription renewal, wishlist updates, and more.

Advanced Page Builder
Advanced and In-depth Analytics

Advanced and In-depth Analytics

With email marketing, you'll now be able to analyze audience response to your campaigns, compare the performance of different advertisements, and make improvements based on predictive analytics.

KPIs and Metrics That Matter

Our reporting includes a predefined set of KPIs that you can monitor to understand the performance of your email over time. You can easily refine these KPIs to perfect them for your specific needs.

Become Relevant

Track and monitor your audience’s behavior, gain insights into their engagement with your email, and create high-impact email campaigns.

Measure ROI

Use our powerful email analytics tools to measure the impact, the cost-benefit ratio, and the overall effectiveness of your email campaigns.

Dashboard Insights

Your email tracker dashboard makes it easy and simple to understand what's happening, so you can grow your business.