OpenEduCat offers tons of features that reflects on the major philosophy of the schools or colleges, but to really make OpenEduCat useful to the schools is to provide implementation requirement to the school. Educational Institutes are evolving each day and to really make a generalized tool or platform for all of them can be a tough task.


Support Packages


25 Hours

$ 849

3 months validity

50 Hours

$ 1399

6 months validity

100 Hours

$ 2199

1 Year validity

200 Hours

$ 3999

1 Year validity

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OpenEduCat Support Strategy

Working with a strategy to pull off complex tasks is always better than throwing stone wildly so that it can hit the target and get the job done. OpenEduCat, a child of OpenEduCat Inc., understands the importance of strategy and works in three steps.

Support > Maintain > Progress.

Support being the most basic of them all. It leads to maintenance part, which in turn makes the platform and the school/college using it, progress in the right direction.

If any of the following questions needs answers, you are in the right place. Looking for assistance for getting started with OpenEduCat? Looking for long-term support assistance for OpenEduCat? Looking for making the most out of the OpenEduCat platform?

To ensure that the support standards are met and exceeded, we first take notes on the needs and the requirements of the clients and make changes required for optimal support from our team.

How do we offers our support/maintenance?

The current world is full of communication tools. To make sure that we are available 24/7 and in the state of emergency, we provide our support using the four basic communication tools. Skype Telephone Email Ticketing System

All of the channels are readily available and you will not have gained access to our support team. Our support team is experienced and have worked with the platform for a long time. The crystallized intelligence, natural problem solving skills and complete understanding of the OpenEduCat platform, enables them to solve any problem in no time.