OpenEduCat v17.0 Release Note

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Navigate the Upgrades: OpenEduCat v17.0 Feature Breakdown

WhatsApp Integration

Communication is key in education. OpenEduCat v17 brings the convenience of WhatsApp right into its ecosystem. This integration allows for seamless communication between educators, students, and parents, ensuring everyone stays connected and informed.

Social Media Marketing Tool

In today's digital world, a social media h-100 presence is vital. OpenEduCat v17 introduces a Social Media Marketing Tool, enabling educational institutions to effectively manage their social media h-100 profiles and engage with a broader audience.

Integrated Spreadsheets

Data management just got easier. With integrated spreadsheets, educators and administrators can organize and analyze educational data within the OpenEduCat platform, enhancing efficiency and decision-making.


The eSign feature brings digital signatures into the educational administration, streamlining processes like admissions, consent forms, and official documentation. It's about making paperwork less of a chore and more of a breeze.

Improved UI

User experience is at the heart of OpenEduCat v17. The improved UI is not just about aesthetics; it's about making the platform more intuitive, user-friendly, and accessible to all users.

Knowledge Management

This feature is a game-changer for storing and accessing knowledge resources. It's about creating a centralized repository for educational materials, making it easier for students and educators to find and utilize the information they need.

Enhanced Dashboards

Data visualization is crucial for effective management. The enhanced dashboards in OpenEduCat v17 provide deeper insights into educational processes, aiding in better tracking of progress and performance.

Dynamic Admission Forms

Admission processes are now more flexible than ever. With dynamic forms, institutions can customize their admission procedures, making it a smooth and personalized experience for applicants.

Live Chat

Instant support is just a chat away with the Live Chat feature. It enhances communication within the platform, providing quick and efficient support to students and staff.

Assignment Annotation

Feedback is a vital part of the learning process. Assignment Annotation allows educators to give detailed, interactive feedback on assignments, fostering a more engaging and effective learning environment.

Improved Grading

Grading has been revamped for better accuracy and ease. The improved grading system ensures that assessments are more reflective of a student's performance and learning journey.

SMS Status Updates

This functionality enables institutions to send real-time SMS notifications to students, parents, and staff about important updates, reminders, and notifications. Whether it's changes in the timetable, alerts about upcoming events, or academic progress reports, the SMS status feature keeps everyone informed and engaged.

Mass-Duplicate Records

This feature allows for the duplication of records in bulk, which is especially handy when creating multiple instances of similar courses, schedules, or student groups. It not only saves significant time and effort but also ensures consistency and accuracy across the board.

"Search More" Becomes "View all"

By clicking 'View all' in dropdown menus, users can now access a list displayed in a dialog, making it easier to distinguish between potentially identical records.

Advanced Search Capabilities

Advanced search enables quick and efficient location of information be it student records, course details, or faculty info using various filters and criteria, significantly saving time and boosting efficiency.

Avatar Card Preview

Access user or employee details by clicking on their avatar. HR and contact information will be presented in a card format.

Confirm and Cancel Shortcuts

The consistency of keyboard shortcuts for confirming (ALT/CMD+Q) or canceling (ALT/CMD+X) has been improved across all applications

Duration Tracking

The status pipeline in the form view indicates the duration a task, ticket, or lead has remained in each stage.

Integrate ChatGPT in Powerbox

Utilize AI to generate and enhance text based on a prompt using the /ChatGPT shortcut.

Human Readable Numeric Fields

Numeric fields can now be displayed by developers using abbreviations. (e.g., 500k instead of 500,000).

Mixed Stacked Bar / Line Chart

Enhance trend analysis on stacked bar charts by incorporating a line graph to display group totals, improving visibility and interpretation.

OpenEduCat PWA

Transform OpenEduCat into a Progressive Web App for seamless installation on any device, providing convenient access without requiring downloads from your device's app store. Enjoy all the features of the traditional OpenEduCat mobile app effortlessly.