What Makes OpenEduCat Different

OpenEduCat represents a complete Student Information, School, and Learning Management System, meticulously crafted to simplify administrative processes and digitize educational establishments. OpenEduCat offers a unified platform that encompasses various modules such as Admissions, Billing, CRM, LMS, SIS, Transportation, Library Management, and Alumni Management.

Our integrated solution provides a seamless and intuitive experience. With a commitment to advancing global education, It combines a comprehensive module suite with cutting-edge technology, making it the forefront of student information and learning management.

Modular Design
Modular Design

A Modular system for easy extensibility of features that lets organization scale up as and when needed.

Well Optimized
Well Optimized

A unique & well optimized platform for all types of educational institutions that is well tried and tested for real use cases.

Easy Integration
Easy To Integrate

An easy to integrate platform that can be integrated with various third party system like payment gateways, data providers or hardwares.

Open Source
Open Source

Core Open Source System with easy to extend framework, for easy customization and modification to suit your needs.

How Does OpenEduCat Compare To D2L?

Information available on websites and in documentation is subject to change.
Compare Features
Category Features OpenEducat D2L
Classroom Management Class Scheduling 1
Classroom Management Collaboration Tools 1
Classroom Management Course Management 0
Classroom Management For Classroom 1
Classroom Management For Labs 1
Classroom Management Internet Usage Monitoring 1
Classroom Management Real-Time Chat 1
Classroom Management Remote Access/Control 1
Classroom Management Report Cards 1
Classroom Management Student Management 0
Classroom Management Student Portal 0
Classroom Management Support Audio/Images/Video 0
Classroom Management Tests/Assessments 0
Classroom Management Transcripts 1
Classroom Management Student Monitors 1
Category Features OpenEducat D2L
Student Information System Assessment Management 0
Student Information System Attendance Management 1
Student Information System Class Registration 1
Student Information System Class Scheduling 1
Student Information System Classroom Management 1
Student Information System Discipline Management 1
Student Information System Fee Collection 1
Student Information System Financial Aid Management 1
Student Information System Gradebook 1
Student Information System Higher Education 0
Student Information System Online Payments 1
Student Information System Parent/Student Portal 0
Student Information System Report Cards 1
Category Features OpenEducat D2L
Admission Management Activity Dashboard 0
Admission Management Application Management 1
Admission Management Assessment Management 0
Admission Management Candidate Management 1
Admission Management Communication Management 0
Admission Management Data Import/Export 0
Admission Management Fee Management 1
Admission Management Forms Management 1
Admission Management K-12 0
Admission Management Reporting & Statistics 1
Admission Management Scoring 1
Admission Management Self Service Portal 1
Admission Management Workflow Management 1
Category Features OpenEducat D2L
Learning Managment System Academic/Education 0
Learning Managment System Assessment Management 0
Learning Managment System Built-in Course Authoring 0
Learning Managment System Certification & Licensing 1
Learning Managment System Corporate/Business 0
Learning Managment System Course Management 0
Learning Managment System Course Tracking 0
Learning Managment System eCommerce Management 1
Learning Managment System eLearning Companies 0
Learning Managment System Gamification 1
Learning Managment System Learning Management 0
Learning Managment System Learning Paths/Tracks 0
Learning Managment System Mobile Learning 0
Learning Managment System Progress Tracking 0
Learning Managment System Synchronous Learning 1
Category Features OpenEducat D2L
Advance Features Library Management 1
Advance Features Online Calendar 1
Advance Features Online Payments 1
Advance Features Parent/Student Portal 1
Advance Features Records Management 1
Advance Features Reporting/Analytics 1
Advance Features Gradebook 0
Advance Features Advance Accounting 1
Advance Features Assignment Annotation 1
Advance Features E-Sign 1
Advance Features Face Recognition 1
Advance Features Quiz Anti Cheating 1
Advance Features WhatsApp Integration 1
Advance Features Social Media Marketing Tools 1
Advance Features Live Classroom 1
Advance Features No-Code Studio 1
Advance Features Digital Library 1
Advance Features Quiz 1
Advance Features KPI Dashboard 1
Advance Features Multi Approvals 1
Advance Features OMR 1
Category Features OpenEducat D2L
Deployment Cloud 0
Deployment SaaS 0
Deployment Web-Based 0
Deployment Desktop Mac 1
Deployment Desktop Windows 1
Deployment Desktop Linux 1
Deployment On-Premise Windows 0
Deployment On-Premise Linux 0
Deployment Desktop Chromebook 1
Deployment Mobile Android 0
Deployment Mobile iPhone 0
Deployment Mobile iPad 0
Category Features OpenEducat D2L
Financial Management Budgeting and Forecasting 1
Financial Management Tuition and Fees Management 1
Financial Management Expense Tracking 1
Financial Management Payroll Management 1
Financial Management Cash Flow Management 1
Financial Management Online Payment Gateways 1
Financial Management Student Financial Aid Management 1
Financial Management Multi-currency Support 1
Financial Management Automated Reminders 1
Financial Management Analytics and Dashboard 1
Financial Management Internal Controls and Auditing 1
Financial Management Flexible Fees Structure 1

Switching To OpenEduCat Is Very Easy

Switching to a new education management system like OpenEduCat is a significant undertaking, but with careful planning and execution, it can lead to improved efficiency, better data management, and a more streamlined educational process in the long run.

User Support
User Support and Resources

Provide comprehensive documentation, user guides, and FAQs for your staff and students to help them learn and use OpenEduCat effectively.


Identify any third-party systems or tools that you currently use and may need to integrate with OpenEduCat.

Post-Migration Evaluation

After the migration is complete, conduct a thorough evaluation to ensure that OpenEduCat is meeting your institution's needs and that any issues are promptly addressed.


Communicate the switch to OpenEduCat transparently with students, parents, faculty, and staff. Explain the benefits and changes they can expect.

Vocational Schools Solution

Why Educational Institutes Choose Us?

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Customization
  • User-friendly interface
  • Comprehensive functionality
  • Integration capabilities
  • Community support
  • Scalability
  • Data security
  • Updates and Improvements
  • Accessibility

Trusted by Institutes Around The World

  • CMU
  • University of Human Development
  • University of Geneva
  • UAD
  • Citi University
  • RIMT University
  • Tylos
  • Thammasat University
  • HUE
  • Cimupc
  • Ivtec
  • Ctti
  • College
  • Trinity
  • Audisankara
  • Swindon College
  • Holy Cross College
  • SCI International Medical Aesthetic Academy
  • Al Khebra
  • Bootes
  • Spos
  • Hämeen ammatti-instituutti Oy
  • Big Ben Center
  • NVN Institute
  • Al Ezdihar Institute
  • Isha Foundation
  • Institute
  • Sclp Samaj School
  • Trinity International School
  • AI Wisam School
  • Lagos Business School
  • IMS
  • Rvibs
Customer Testimonial

What Our Clients Say?

Mauricio Andres
Mauricio Andres B.


In my opinion, the best of openeducat is the access to students to enrol, homework, information, etc...OpenEducat gives us organization in our management and transparency in educational management for the professors.

Sulyman A.

Business Intelligence Specialist

The user interface, the integration with other ERP Modules.Providing Learning Management system for schools, which benefit my implementation of LMS for a basic school.

Santiago M.


They have lot of modules that help building a learning and administrative platform.I am implementing an Administrative and Self Learning Platform for an Institute. I bought almost all the modules and it was just great.


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