Exam Management

Similar to Assignments, Exams are focused on a much bigger picture. Students need to take exams once a semester to test their learning and get marks. The marks acts as a standard for performance and there can be a lot of competition within the students.

Plan With OpenEduCat Exam Management

Exams require careful planning, skillful execution and collaborative effort for successful execution. With the help of the Exam Management module of OpenEduCat, exam handling just became much simpler and powerful.

Set Exam Schedule

The exams are scheduled for a set of students and they are informed as soon as the exam is created. With complete transparency and great information transfer within the OpenEduCat system, students can prepare for the exam way before it gets started.

Supports Forms and Fields

Creating an exam is super-easy. It just takes setting up few fields that are necessary for creating the exam. Exam creation requires time allocation, exam session name, the subject for which the exams needs to be taken.

Support Basic Exam Evaluation Metrics

Furthermore, the faculty creating the exam can choose the evaluation type including GPA, CWA, and CCE.

Create Exams Easily

Creating Exams through the OpenEduCat system is easy and intuitive for most of the part. Faculty members can easily create exams for their corresponding class. As usual, the exams can either be created using the form present within the OpenEduCat system or can be imported using the import functionality.

Add More Rules and Regulation

To make the exam fair for everyone, the faculty or admin creating the exam can set a passing mark and further improve on by adding rules and regulations on the description part of the exam form.

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