Why is it Important to Have an Effective Student Attendance Management System?

The world is slowly shifting towards a digital age and the education sector is not far behind! With the shift towards ERP, the dynamics of the education sector are changing fundamentally. From attendance to generating monthly performance reports, teachers can now focus more on teaching than wasting time on incessant paperwork. 

An attendance management system is the need of the hour. And the pandemic-infested world saw a sudden surge in the use of ERP software in the education system. 

So, what are the advantages of the attendance system? And how does it help all the stakeholders - students, teachers, and parents? 

1. Helps school/college administration to keep track of the students: 

The attendance system allows the administration to keep track of students’ attendance. The system is generally integrated with biometric or RFID data, bringing greater transparency and accuracy in attendance. The software is error-free and chances of duplication are minimal. So, if any student consistently misses a particular class or is absent for a long time without prior intimidation, a teacher or administration gets to know and can take appropriate action in no time. 

2. Access to multiple attendance reports:

The advanced ERP software creates attendance reports with multiple categories like class-wise, subject-wise, and so on. The reports allow both parents and teachers to evaluate a student’s academic performance and attendance with ease. A student missing out on a particular subject or scoring low in a specific subject can get appropriate help. When it comes to a student's performance, it helps to pinpoint the exact shortcomings. Only then can the issue be addressed appropriately. 

3. Time-saving and cost-saving for administration: 

Gone are the days when a teacher spent the initial 10 minutes to mark the attendance of students. An attendance management system brings greater efficiency to a classroom. A teacher can instead focus on starting the lecture on-time. The chances of duplicity or incorrect data are minimal, bringing greater transparency in a classroom. Teachers no longer need to create monthly reports as the system generates the reports and sends them to the concerned parents. 

4. Parents are in the loop of a student’s daily performance:

Daily alerts ensure that parents are in the loop of their kid’s performance. The system sends regular alerts regarding attendance. Monthly and weekly reports are also shared with the parents. With a manual system, it is impossible to keep the parents updated regularly.

From attendance to performance in class, an automatic attendance system makes it easier for parents and teachers to keep track of a child’s attendance and overall performance. The ERP software works well to bring teachers and parents in close collaboration, which is crucial for a student’s long-term success. 

5. Identification of irregular students:

The advanced ERP software identifies regular absentees. The visually appealing reports with flowcharts and data equip a teacher with better insight into a student’s issues. For example, a student might attend regular classes, but be absent in a specific class. If multiple students are missing a specific lecture, the teaching may not be up to the mark or interesting enough for the students. 

6. Detailed reports make it easy to aim for attendance goals:

Taking attendance and generating a daily, weekly, and monthly report was never so easy! An automatic attendance system creates regular reports that enable students to compete for attendance goals. Many schools and colleges create reward systems to encourage positive attendance behavior among their pupils. Such systems work as positive reinforcement and reduce the chances of bunking the classes. Missing out on classes is a trend that brings disrepute to the educational institution and considerably reduces a student’s performance. 

7. Sheds a light on the performance of teachers as well: 

We tend to remember the teachers or mentors who gave the right advice at the right time. A lot of people owe their success to good and experienced mentors. An administration can make the best out of smart attendance by paying attention to student’s behavior. Why are students missing a particular class? Which class sees minimum absenteeism? Now, there are no good or bad teachers. But some exceptional teachers bring joy and curiosity to a class and attract students. The attendance system equips the school or college administration to evaluate such teachers and encourage others to follow their lead. 

8. Cost of communication is less:

A teacher or administrative staff is responsible for sending alerts to students and their parents regarding school activities. An ERP system comes with automatic functions that considerably reduce the workload of the teachers. With a student attendance management system in place, there is no need to call every parent separately. From attendance to other alerts, the system comes with multiple functions. The consequent workload on a teacher is less, giving them more time to plan lessons.

9. The software is flexible :

The corona pandemic is a wake-up call to all the educational institutions that didn’t switch over to the ERP system. From the ease of use to ease of access, the system is quite flexible. Teachers and students use it from the comfort of their homes to continue their online education. The regular alerts equip the parent to monitor the child from a click of their smartphone. 

The main advantage of the attendance system is that it reduces unnecessary paperwork and digitalizes school work in a revolutionary manner. In times when we need to teach future generations about environmental friendliness, reducing dependence on paper is a brilliant lesson for a student.

The attendance system has revolutionized the education sector in several ways. Overall, a student attendance system adds value and productivity and increases the operational efficiency of a school/college. 

Regular and detailed reports on the performance of students and teachers allow the administration to be in a better position to pinpoint any issues that might hamper a student’s performance. Combine that with the greater role of parents, the system brings all the stakeholders together to assure a bright and successful future for a student. 

By OpenEduCat Inc

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